Top Universities in Europe

The University Review Ranking of top European universities 2016 is calculated from information available on the US News, Guardian and ARWU websites.

List of Top Universities In Europe

University Review European Ranking 2012University NameCountryARWU Europe 2011THE/USnews Europe Rank 2012UR world Ranking 2012
1University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom124
2University of OxfordUnited Kingdom218
3Imperial College LondonUnited Kingdom5316
4Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ZurichSwitzerland4417
5University College LondonUnited Kingdom3518
6Karolinska InstituteSweden8633
7University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom13740
8University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom91141
9Ludwig Maximilians University of MunichGermany12844
10University of ZürichSwitzerland111448
11Utrecht UniversityNetherlands101852
12King's College LondonUnited Kingdom151253
13Université Pierre et Marie CurieFrance62555
14École Normale SupérieureFrance201356
15University of BristolUnited Kingdom171659
16Heidelberg UniversityGermany152062
17TU MünchenGermany142863
18Leiden UniversityNetherlands192264
19Uppsala UniversitySweden172768
20Georg-August-Universität GöttingenGermany291969
21University of HelsinkiFinland212971
22École Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneSwitzerland32 to 53975
23University of CopenhagenDenmark74977
24University of SheffieldUnited Kingdom273279
25Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenBelgium32 to 531782
26Ghent UniversityBelgium283587
27Universität BaselSwitzerland263688
28Wageningen University and Research CenterNetherlands32 to 532191
29Lund UniversitySweden32 to 532395
30Stockholm UniversitySweden244596
31University of AmsterdamNetherlands32 to 533098
32Aarhus UniversityDenmark304199
33University of NottinghamUnited Kingdom2551100
34University of SussexUnited Kingdom32 to 5331102
35University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom3154109
36University of GenevaSwitzerland32 to 5344111
37University of OsloNorway2268112
38Durham UniversityUnited Kingdom54 to 6824113
39University of LeedsUnited Kingdom32 to 5347114
40University of GroningenNetherlands32 to 5348116
41University of GlasgowUnited Kingdom54 to 6833120
42Delft University of TechnologyNetherlands54 to 6834121
43VU University AmsterdamNetherlands32 to 5359124
44University of BernSwitzerland54 to 6837125
45Université Catholique de LouvainBelgium32 to 5364130
46Université Paris 7France32 to 5364131
47London School of EconomicsUnited Kingdom69 to 9610132
48University of SouthamptonUnited Kingdom54 to 6842134
49Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGermany32 to 5368136
50University of LiverpoolUnited Kingdom32 to 5368137
51University of TübingenGermany32 to 5372140
52École PolytechniqueFrance69 to 9615141
53University of ViennaAustria54 to 6850142
54University of FreiburgGermany32 to 5374143
55Erasmus University RotterdamNetherlands54 to 6857146
56University of WarwickUnited Kingdom54 to 6857147
57Radboud University NijmegenNetherlands54 to 6859148
58University of St AndrewsUnited Kingdom69 to 9626149
59Université Libre de BruxellesBelgium32 to 5377 to 89150
60University of StrasbourgFrance32 to 5377 to 89152
61Universität WürzburgGermany32 to 5377 to 89154
62Technical University of DenmarkDenmark54 to 6867160
63Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussian Federation2395 to 99162
64Université de LausanneSwitzerland69 to 9638163
65Trinity College DublinRepublic of Ireland69 to 9639164
66University of YorkUnited Kingdom69 to 9640165
67Queen Mary LondonUnited Kingdom69 to 9642166
68Lancaster UniversityUnited Kingdom69 to 9645167
69Cardiff UniversityUnited Kingdom54 to 6877 to 89169
70University of East AngliaUnited Kingdom69 to 9652174
71Newcastle UniversityUnited Kingdom69 to 9653175
72University of AberdeenUnited Kingdom69 to 9655177
73University of HamburgGermany54 to 6877 to 89182
74University of MilanItaly54 to 6877 to 89183
75University of PaduaItaly54 to 6877 to 89184
76Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität MünsterGermany32 to 5395 to 99186
77University of ReadingUnited Kingdom69 to 9662187
78Aachen UniversityGermany69 to 9663188
79KTH Royal Institute of TechnologySweden69 to 9672193
80Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu KielGermany54 to 6890 to 94194
81University of BergenNorway69 to 9675198
82University of LeicesterUnited Kingdom69 to 9676200
83University of PisaItaly32 to 53100 to 101201
84Sapienza University of RomeItaly32 to 53100 to 101202
85University of BarcelonaSpain69 to 9677 to 89204
86University of GothenburgSweden69 to 9677 to 89207
87University of InnsbruckAustria69 to 9677 to 89208
88Umeå UniversitySweden69 to 9677 to 89212
89University of BolognaItaly69 to 9677 to 89216
90Chalmers University of TechnologySweden69 to 9677 to 89217
91University of ExeterUnited Kingdom97 to 10156225
92University College DublinRepublic of Ireland97 to 10159226
93University of BochumGermany69 to 9690 to 94229
94TU DresdenGermany69 to 9690 to 94230
95Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorway69 to 9690 to 94233
96University of Southern DenmarkDenmark69 to 9690 to 94234
97University of DundeeUnited Kingdom97 to 10166236
98Pompeu Fabra UniversitySpain97 to 10171237
99University of AntwerpBelgium69 to 9695 to 99238
100Autonomous University of MadridSpain69 to 9695 to 99239
101Université Montpellier 2France97 to 10195 to 99242


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