Top 50 Universities

The University Review Top 50 Universities 2016 list is calculated on information from US news, the Times, the Guardian, the Independent and the ARWU. Further information on individual universities and colleges is available from the tables.

UR World Ranking 2012University NameCountryARWU World Ranking 2012THE U.S. news World Ranking 2012
1Harvard UniversityU.S.A.12
2Stanford UniversityU.S.A.32
4University of CambridgeU.K.56
4Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyU.S.A.47
6Princeton UniversityU.S.A.75
8University of OxfordU.K.104
9University of ChicagoU.S.A.99
10Columbia UniversityU.S.A.812
11Yale UniversityU.S.A.1111
12University of California Los AngelesU.S.A.1313
13University of PennsylvaniaU.S.A.1516
14Johns Hopkins UniversityU.S.A.1814
14Cornell UniversityU.S.A.1220
16Imperial College LondonU.K.268
17ETH ZurichSwitzerland2315
17University College LondonU.K.2117
19University of MichiganU.S.A.2218
20University of WashingtonU.S.A.1625
21University of Wisconsin MadisonU.S.A.1727
22University of TorontoCanada2719
23University of California San DiegoU.S.A.1433
24University of TokyoJapan2030
25Northwestern UniversityU.S.A.2926
26University of Illinois Urbana ChampaignU.S.A.2531
27Duke UniversityU.S.A.3522
28University of British ColumbiaCanada3622
29University of Texas at AustinU.S.A.3829
29University of California Santa BarbaraU.S.A.3235
31University of MinnesotaU.S.A.2842
32Washington University in St. LouisU.S.A.3041
33Karolinska InstituteSweden4232
34New York UniversityU.S.A.3144
35Kyoto UniversityJapan2452
36Carnegie Mellon UniversityU.S.A.5821
37UC DavisU.S.A.4638
37University of North CarolinaU.S.A.4143
39McGill UniversityCanada6128
40University of EdinburghU.K.5436
41University of ManchesterU.K.4448
42Penn State UniversityU.S.A.4351
43Australian National UniversityAustralia5938
43Ludwig Maximilians University of MunichGermany5245
45University of MelbourneAustralia6237
46University of Southern CaliforniaU.S.A.4655
47University of ColoradoU.S.A.3277
48University of ZurichSwitzerland5161
49Brown UniversityU.S.A.6549
50University of PittsburghU.S.A.5659

University and college ranking lists associated with this site date back to 2006 with the release of the PBA American University Rankings. This is the first time that the top 25 to 500 universities have been made available on the PBA spin-off university review website.


US News; THE; ARWU; Wikipedia; Individual University Websites; Guardian; Independent.

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