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The Nanjing University (NJU) is one of the major national universities in China It is a comprehensive university sprawling over three campuses namely, Gulou, Pukou, and Xianlin.

The Nanjing University ranking is number 25 in Asia in the University Review List. Similarly ranked colleges include USTC, Zhejiang University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and National Cheng Kung University.
Other good Chinese education establishments include Fudan UniversityPeking UniversityShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityZhejiang UniversityUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaJilin University and the Tsing Hua University.

Its history dates back in 1902, being originally established as Sanjiang Normal School, and this was built on the site of learning that can date back to the year 258. In the succeeding decades, it went through several different formations before finally becoming the Nanjing University in 1950.

As a result of a reorganization of universities state-wide in 1952, the Schools of Agriculture and of Engineering were detached from the university. Two new schools joined from the University of Nanking in 1988 these being devoted to Liberal Arts and to the Sciences. During this time, the campus transferred to Gulou from Sipailou.

Over a century-span, the university had earned a reputation of being one of the top educational institutions in China showcasing state-of-the-art research facilities and adopting modern approaches and strategies in teaching. A number of eminent scientists and intellectuals had either taken their education or employed themselves in the university, among those were Mao Yisheng, Chen Heqin, Hu Xiaoshi and Guo Bingwen.

Since 1992, many research studies collaborated by the university’s professors and students were listed on the Science Citation Index earning widespread acclamations and enabling Nanjong to rate first for seven straight years compared to other universities in Mainland China. The university also earned over 800 citations in national, ministerial and provincial categories, including more than 40 National Awards of Natural Sciences, Awards of Science and Technology Progress, and Awards of Innovation.

Nanjing university had also established an active network with over 200 academic institutions and research foundations among 70 countries world-wide. It has sponsored more than 120 international forums.

About 2,500 of the teaching staff had either taken specialized degrees or performed research studies outside the state. More than 1,800 foreign academicians gave lectures or taught in the university and 18,000 international students opted to study in the institution.

Today, the NJU maintains 21 schools and 59 departments with 78 baccalaureate programs, 213 master’s programs, 9 specialized master’s programs, 147 doctorate programs covered under twenty three major fields, and at twenty three post-doctorate study centers. The university is steered by its current President, Chen Jun.

Nanjing University Address

The university is located at No. 22 Hankou Road , Nanjing 210093 China.

Nanjing University Rankings and Quick Facts

Motto: Sincerity, Austerity, Majesty, Greatness, Endeavor to Learn, Urge to Act.
In Chinese the NJU is known as 南京大學 or Nánjīng Dàxué.

Nanjing University rankings
University world Ranking – Times 200 (UK)
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
203 to 304
University world Ranking – Newsweek 100 (USA)
Asia Rank (Jiaotong)
25 to 42
Nanjing University Facts
Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Faculty / Staff
1915 (can trace its roots back as far as the year 258)
Number of foreign students (if known)


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