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The University of Zaragoza (Spanish: Universidad de Zaragoza), also often called the Saragossa University, is an institution located in the Aragon region of Spain.

One of the oldest universities in the world, it was founded in 1542 and presently has over 40,000 students and 22 faculties; it ranks amongst the top universities in Europe.

Other Spanish college and universities include University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of MadridAutonomous University of Barcelona, University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Complutense University of MadridUniversity of Granada and University of Seville.

It is located in the heart of Aragon and was funded by the Government of Aragon “Diputación General de Aragón” and the Government of Spain with the aim of making it a top public university in Europe. The activities of the university spread along Aragon’s three provinces, with research centers and teaching campuses located in Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca.

The university did not suddenly appear and like most other institution has evolved over time. It stated with a humble beginning in what was known as the Ecclesiastical Schools. References from 1335 showed that there was a School of Arts and included the “trivium” and “quadrivium” in its teachings. It became a university in the 15th century when the institution gained the category of General School of Arts between 1474 and 1476.

Nowadays, the University of Zaragoza is a renowned International University and is the main center of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley. It is composed of highly specialized academic staff that have broad teaching and research experience. International Students are attracted to the university due to its world class teachings in the field of Archaeology, Spanish Literature, Cinema, Geography, Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI Research Group), History and Nanotechnologies. The university has a total of about 3,000 teaching staff and 40,000 students.

Zaragoza University participates in several exchange programs through the Vice-Rectorship for International Relations. It collaborates with research institutions and top universities from Europe (ERASMUS programme), Latin America and with the United States of America. Such program strengthen the university’s international standing greatly.

Xabier Arzalluz, a Spanish Basque nationalist and the most powerful politician in Basque Country; and Francisco Jose Yndurain Muñoza, a Spanish theoretical physicist are some of the university’s famous alumni.

Currently, the University of Zaragoza covers a large array of subjects and is especially strong in the areas of Experimental Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social and Juridical Sciences, Health Sciences and Humanities. The annual figure allocated by the university to research and development was € 36 million as of 2005 and it has been steadily rising. Around 202 research groups are working on internationally accepted projects.

University of Zaragoza Address

The University address is located at:
Universidad de Zaragoza
Pedro Cerbuna 12,
50009 Zaragoza

University of Zaragoza Rankings and Quick Facts

University of Zaragoza ranking
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
403 to 510
European Rank (Jiaotong)
173 to 208
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Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Faculty / Staff


University of Zaragoza.

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