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If you are from outside the United Kingdom and interested in going to a university where you’ll be able to easily fit in, then the University of Nottingham is probably just the ticket for you, as here are over 6,000 students studying at the university that have an international background; that is one of the largest percentages around (considering the total student body is less than 35,000 students) and this is primarily because the support given to those students is immense. When students from over 130 different countries are studying at a particular university, then you know the university is going to have a good infrastructure when it comes to supporting its international students.

The University of Nottingham ranking is number 26 in the University Review List of top UK universities. Similarly ranked colleges include East Anglia, Reading, Sussex, and Birmingham.

As far as the actual studies themselves are concerned, what makes the University of Nottingham such a good place to study is the completeness of the education that you are likely to get. Traditionally, university has been all about lectures and little about much else. However, the University of Nottingham has started to look towards alternative teaching methods such as tutorials, practical assignments with greater scope in the overall course, interactive testing and on line support. These methods are all combined together with the traditional lecture model to provide an overall value of education that has higher student support than has ever been seen before in many of the other universities around.

In 2005, Nottingham was declared a science city in the overall federal budget by Chancellor Brown, a move that gave the university a better chance to develop the scientific infrastructure it’s already known for. Ultimately, the move is going to have long term repercussions in allowing the University of Nottingham to take on more scientists than they were ever able to in the past; a feat that is particularly amazing considering how many they are already able to graduate.

What makes the university so popular is the fact that it happens to be a member of both the Russell Group (a research network comprised of some of the most recognized research universities in England) as well as Universitas 21 (an international group of research universities). Both of these positions allow students access to vast research resources.

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University of Nottingham Logo

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Motto: Sapientia urbs conditur: A city is built on wisdom.

The university is ranked as the 140th best in the world by the THE.


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