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There is a lot of pride and tradition on the European continent and a lot of that comes from their institutions of higher learning; places that have been around for an enormous amount of time. The University of Vienna (Universität Wien) has been around since 1365 and in that time has made a name for itself in many ways that other universities could only hope to have done in their wildest dreams.

The University of Vienna ranking is number 53 in Europe, making it similar to the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Bern. Other good institutions in Austria include the University of Innsbruck.

There are a lot of Nobel Laureates that have gone or been affiliated with the University of Vienna at some point. Robert Barany received his medical doctorate from the University of Vienna in 1900 and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1914. Julius Wagner-Jauregg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1927 and three years later Karl Landsteiner won it in 1930. Otto Loewi won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1936 and to round out Vienna’s contributions to the medical sciences was Konrad Lorenz, who won the prize in 1973.

In addition to their great contributions to the field of medicine, the University of Vienna has also had Laureates from other fields. Hans Fischer won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1930; the lone Vienna affiliate to have won it for chemistry. In addition to chemistry, Vienna has had two Laureates in physics including the famous Erwin Schrodinger; the man who invented modern wave mechanics and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933. Alongside Schrodinger was Viktor Franz Hess, who won the same prize in 1936. Finally and perhaps symbolically to illustrate that Vienna is known for more than just science, Friedrich A. von Hayek won the most recent Vienna Nobel Prize and he did so in 1974 in the field of Economics.

So as you can see, the University of Vienna has a great tradition going for it. In addition to their long list of successful staff and students, they are also an associated member of the UNICA network. They have partnerships with more than 50 other universities and through that as well as their participation in the SOCRATES program, they are able to give students that study at their university the opportunity to embark on adventures they would get in few other places in the world.

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University of Vienna,
1010 Vienna,

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University of Vienna Logo

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Known in Latin as Alma Mater Rudolphina.

The university is ranked as the 139th best in the world by the THE.


University of Vienna; List of European Universities.

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