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The University of Melbourne is a public university and is located quite appropriately within the city of Melbourne in Australia. It is a university that has been around since 1853 and has an endowment in excess of one billion Australian Dollars. The University of Melbourne ranking is number 2 in Australia, and 45th in the world. Similarly rated colleges in Oz include Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and Monash University. It has a student body of about 25,000 students and for the most part those students can be seen daily on the University campus. Melbourne’s affiliations include the Group of Eight and Universitas 21 and it is an internationally recognized university as far as research goes in the fields of arts and biomedical science.

One of the things that makes Melbourne such a respected university around the world is that they are not afraid to try new things. This is best apparent in their introduction of something known as the Melbourne Model. This is something set to be introduced in 2008 that basically takes the way that conventional education is done at a university level and completely turns it on its head. In discussions regarding the Melbourne Model, it was referred to by independent sources as an important landmark achievement in education reform and indeed on the campus itself there seems to be a lot of interest in the new teaching methods that are going to be used.

There’s no doubt about it; it is certainly an exciting time to be a student at the University of Melbourne. When you take the new teaching styles and combine them with the international reputation, what you have is a first class educational institution that is definitely worth the price of admission.

In addition to the supurb education system, there is also the great campus to take in account. Campus facilities such as recreational areas, study areas, meeting areas, restaurants and dormitories are placed very well within the campus design so that very few students actually have complaints about getting from class to class. It is ultimately an excellent university to be at and their constant influx of applications is a testament to that fact. They get far more applications than spaces each year because so many people want to study at the University of Melbourne.

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Grattan Street, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

Tin Aly, Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia

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University of Melbourne Logo

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Motto: Postera Crescam Laude – We grow in the esteem of future generations.

The university is ranked as the 37th best in the world by the THE.


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