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The University of Birmingham is actually one of the younger universities within the United Kingdom, having been around since 1900 as a replacement for a college that had been founded approximately seven decades earlier. It is a research university first with teaching roots as well and ultimately students that are interested in getting into research in science are going to be able to get the most out of the University of Birmingham. The full time student body of the school is about 30,000 students.

The University of Birmingham ranking is 39th in the University Review best UK universities list. Similarly ranked colleges include University of Newcastle, Kings College London, University of Sussex, and University of Nottingham.

While science research students benefit greatly from the way the university does business, this is not to say that other students from other disciplines are going to be excluded. In fact, the truth is far from that as you will see that the University of Birmingham is actually one of the most egalitarian universities around.

It is a university that has several noted firsts, the most interesting of which was perhaps the fact that it was the first university in the United Kingdom that decided it was going to accept students and judge them equally regardless of non-academic characteristics such as religion, background, financial prowess and race. In addition to that, one of the earliest students unions was created at the University of Birmingham, which combined with the fact that it was the first school to accept all students equally is the primary reason that the school is so egalitarian. In addition to those noted firsts, it was also the first UK school to construct buildings around a campus as well as place a dedicated medical school into its construction plans.

As far as research goes, the University of Birmingham is ranked 5th in the United Kingdom. The rankings were done by the Research Assessment Exercise, an organization that has no university affiliations with the U of B. In addition to that, the work done in seven different areas of research at Birmingham was deemed to be of extreme significance, even in the international scientific community.

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B15 2TT

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University of Birmingham Logo

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Motto: Per Ardua Ad Alta – Through hard work, great heights are achieved.

The university is ranked as the 148th best in the world by the THE.


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