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The University of Tokushima (徳島大学 or romanized into Tokushima Daigaku) is one of Japan’s national universities. It is made up into seven graduate schools: the Schools of pharmaceutical sciences; oral sciences; health sciences; medical sciences; human and natural environment sciences; nutrition and advanced Technology. The University of Tokushima ranking is in the 19 to 23 range in Japan, and 508 to 568 in the world. Similarly rated colleges in Japan include Yamaguchi University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Nihon University, and NAIST.

The undergraduate faculties include the following faculties: arts and sciences; medicine; dentistry; pharmaceutical sciences; and engineering. The university also has a postgraduate program in midwifery.

The beginning of the Tokushima University dates back to 1874 taking on the name of Tokushima Kisei Normal School. In 1949, in line with the implementation of the National School Establishment Law, the university was instituted, then composed of the faculty of liberal arts and education (now known as the faculty of integrated arts and sciences), the faculty of engineering and the faculty of medicine.

Since then several improvements were undertaken. These are, among others, the creation of the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences in 1951; the graduate school of medicine (which is the current graduate school of medical sciences) in 1955; the graduate school of engineering (now known as the graduate school of advanced technology and science) in 1964; the graduate school of pharmaceutical sciences in 1965; the faculty of education in 1966; the graduate school of nutrition (currently the graduate school of nutrition and bioscience) in 1969; the health service center in 1975; the faculty of dentistry in 1976; the university dental hospital in 1979; the graduate school of dentistry (presently known as the graduate Sschool of oral sciences) in 1983; the institute for animal experimentation in 1985; the graduate school of human and natural environment sciences in 1994; the radioisotope research centre in 2000; and in 2006, the institute of technology and science, graduate school, graduate school of health sciences, and post-graduate course of midwifery.

The mission of the university addresses three areas—education, research and social contribution. In the area of education, it aims to promote the student’s capabilities by recognizing his uniqueness and enhancing his sense of humanity, and teaching him the appropriate knowledge and skills needed in his chosen endeavor. In research, the university strives for its continuous growth through programs enjoining collaborations of scientists and through formulations of research studies that are useful to the society. In the aspect of social contribution, it seeks to take on an active part in nurturing an ordered and civilized society by becoming a center of intellectual set-up linking regional and global districts.

Tokushima University Address

The university operates on three large campuses, namely, Shinkura campus which houses the administrative head office, Josanjima campus, and Kuramoto campus.
The official address is:
2-24, Shinkura-cho,
Tokushima 770-8501

University of Tokushima Rankings and Quick Facts

Tokushima University Rankings
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
403 to 510
Asia Rank (Jiaotong)
65 to 100
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Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
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