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LSHTM – London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Information

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is a a research-driven postgraduate institution of the highest standard in the academic disciplines of tropical medicine, public health and international health.

It is a component of the University of London and is considered the University’s prime vehicle in postgraduate research and instruction in the fields of tropical medicine and public health. Students finishing their course requirements in the school are conferred a University of London degree.

The school is a recipient of the 2009 Gates Award for Global Health founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation given for its exceptional role in global health enhancement. It was also validated as a world leader in research by the United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) in 2008. The LSHTM was ranked as among the country’s top three research places in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

The LSHTM was also placed amongst the top ranked establishments in the areas of Epidemiology and Public Health, Infection and Immunology, and Health Services Research; having 65% to 80% of scientific studies reviewed as internationally excellent or world leading.

This implies that in Public Health and in Epidemiology, as well as Health Services Research in the United Kingdom, the institution has the most extensive focus of what is considered to be the world’s top researchers. Furthermore, it attained in all areas assessed, superior scores of 5 in 2001. It was also institutionally audited in 2003 by the QAA and given the highest grade.

LSHTM was established in 1899 as the London School of Tropical Medicine by Sir Patrick Manson at the Albert Dock Seamen’s Hospital, London Docklands. The first school was instituted as a constituent of the Seamen’s Hospital Society. It has its roots in the hospital vessels which were moored on the Thames at Greenwich. The school transferred together with the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in 1920 to Endsleigh Gardens in the heart of London. Already assuming the name of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, it was conferred the Royal Charter in 1924 following an Athlone Committee recommendation of setting up a school of state medicine in 1921.

The primary School is located in Bloomsbury, London, with its current director being Professor Sir Andrew Haines.


LSHTM Address

The LSHTM is located at Keppel Street in Bloomsbury, London, WC1, UK



London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Rankings and Quick Facts

The institution is usually known by the abbreviation LSHTM or more lovingly as the London school.

LSHTM ranking
University world Ranking – Times 200 (UK)
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
203 to 304
University world Ranking – Newsweek 100 (USA)
European Rank (Jiaotong)
81 to 123
Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Faculty / Staff
University of London System


London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Photograph by Matt From London.

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