Harding University Ranking, Address, Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements & SAT Scores

The Harding University Ranking is 22nd in the South Regional lists by the USnews, it is not ranked by Forbes. Other good universities in Arkansas state include the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (Ranked 128th nationally), the Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech, and Henderson State.

Requirements for Admission, ACT & SAT Scores, and Tuition Fees (Quick Facts 2014 / 2015)

The total composite Harding University SAT Score range (verbal plus math; middle 50%) for accepted applicants is 1000 – 1260.

The Harding University admission requirements for ACT (25th–75th percentile) at Composite are 22 – 28.

The Harding University tuition fees are $17,040 for both in-state and out of state students. It is a moderately selective college accepting 76% of applicants. Financial aid offered totals $40.5 million per year, an average of $14,400 per student.

An Overview of the Harding University Facts

Harding University is a private school located in a suburban locale in the city of Searcy, AR. Presently, there are 6,238 enrolled at Harding . Of which, 4,428 (71%) learn at the undergraduate level, whereas 1,810 (29%) partake in postgraduate courses. Of the undergraduates, 4,105 take classes full-time whereas 323 are there part time.

Harding University Ranking
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Geographically, 72% are from in-state whilst 28% come from out of state. There are around 7% overseas students. 2,371 women attend Harding University as undergraduates, while 2,057 men study at that level, making the ratio of 46:54 male:female.

Regarding ethnicity, the undergrad student population can be broken down to 83% White, under 1% of Asian descent, 4% black, and 3% with Hispanic or Latino backgrounds.

This university is currently rated as the 22nd best in the South Regional List by the U.S. News.

Costs of Tuition

As a private university the tuition fees for attending this university are $17,040 for all students. It will cost a further $6,516 for room and board expenses, $900 for books, and $480 for administrative fees. Bringing the total cost of study at this college to $24,460. Harding provides needs based funding for scholarships of $18,933,000, and non-needs based funds of 11,832,000 available, making a total of $30.8 million accessible as funding to their scholars. The average financial aid given to each student is $14,400 and around 73% of all students receive help with their money needs.

Student Application Process

Harding is a moderately college with acceptance rates of approximately 76.3%. Last year 2,121 applied to attend, of which 1,531 were admitted. Of the students accepted 1,013 (66.1%) enrolled at the school.

The fees for applying to the academic institution are $50 for UG study and $50 for post-grad study. Regarding the people accepted for admittance, 27% were within the top 10% at their high school. 32% of successful applicants applied with SAT scores. The mid scores for reading were 500 – 599 (36%), and 500 – 599 (38%) for Math. The middle 50% percentiles were 500 – 620 for reading, and 500 – 640 at Math.

There were 84% of students who applied with ACTs: median ranges are 24 – 29 (43%) for Composite, 24 – 29 (38%) for English, and 24 – 29 (49%) for Math. The mid 50% percentiles were 22 – 28 for Composite, 20 – 27 Mathematics, and 21 – 29 for English.

Some of the most important factors for admission into the school are Secondary school record; Standardized test scores; Character and personal qualities; Interview; and Recommendations. In addition, factors including Class rank and your ability are important for entry.

The address to apply for study at the Harding University is 915 E. Market Ave. Searcy, AR 72143. The telephone number is (501) 279-4000, and the admissions website is located at http://www.harding.edu/admissions/.

Academic Study Programs

The establishment offers approximately over 100 academic majors, 21 Master’s level graduate programs, and four doctoral-level degrees., with the most popular being related to Business, Management, & Marketing (17%), Education (14%), and Health Professions (12%).. Class sizes are: less than 20 (54%), 20 to 49 (40%), and 50 and above (7%).
Campus Details

There is one campus, composing of 48 buildings located at Searcy in Arizona (Full List of Arizona Colleges). The campuses are contained in an area of about 350 acres.

The college’s sporting teams take part at the NCAA DIVISION II level level in the Great American Conference. The sports teams are called the Bisons. Men are involved in seven varsity sports, and women are involved in six sporting events, competing in a total of eight different varsity events.

Faculty Details

The establishment employs 275 full-time academic faculty, and 273 part time (total 548). The student:teacher ratio is 15:1.

Graduation Rates, Time and Intent to Graduate

About 41% of undergraduate students graduate the school within 4 years, and 61% graduate within 6 years. In the previous year, 1,164 scholars graduated the college; they received 793 Bachelor’s, 366 Master’s, and 5 Doctorate’s degrees.

Harding University Address and Directions

915 E Market Ave, Searcy, AR 72143

Decimal Degrees
35.248482 -91.728951
N 35 14.909 W 91 43.737

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Quick Facts

Type: Private
Established: 1924
Endowment: $105,005,000 (418th best ranking)
President: Bruce D. McLarty
Cost to attend: $17,040
Harding University Ranking: 22nd Regional Universities South
Number of UG Students: 4,428
Website: http://www.harding.edu/
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