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Yamaguchi University (山口大学 or Yamaguchi daigaku) is one of Japan’s national universities, ranked 18th among the Japanese Universities published in Academic Ranking of World Universities in year 2008. The Yamaguchi University ranking is in the 19 to 23 range in Japan, and 508 to 568 in the world. Similarly rated colleges in Japan include Okayama University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, University of Tokushima, and Nihon University.

It had its beginnings in 1815 as a humble structure of Yamaguchi Auditorium, a private school establishment. Founded by Ueda Hōyō, the school was converted into a han school of Chōshū Domain in 1863 and its name was changed into Yamaguchi Meirinkan.

It developed into a regional secondary school in the post-Meiji Restoration era and later improved into a Yamaguchi Higher School, which was then considered as the state’s institute of higher learning. The school was restructured in February 1905, assuming the name Yamaguchi Higher School of Commerce. It rose in prominence as the third national commercial college in Japan, trailing behind Tokyo (1887) and Kobe (1902). It was further renamed into Yamaguchi College of Economics in 1944.

The merger of six national and regional public schools in the area, namely, the Yamaguchi Normal School, (Prefectural) Yamaguchi College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, (Revived) Yamaguchi Higher School, Yamaguchi Youth Normal School, Ube Technical College, and Yamaguchi College of Economics, gave room for the foundation of Yamaguchi University in 1949. Its expansion widen as Yamaguchi Prefectural Medical College was merged into its fold in 1964, thus opening the School of Medicine to the public. In 1966, the Yoshida Campus became operational, and the different faculties, except the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine transferred to the campus in the subsequent years.

At present, the Yamaguchi University has seven undergraduate faculties: These are dedicated to the study of Humanities, Education, Economics, Science, and Agriculture; these are located at the Yoshida Campus in Yamaguchi City. Its School of Medicine is situated in Kogushi Campus in Ube City and its Faculty of Engineering in Tokiwa Campus in Ube City.

Its graduate schools include those focused on Humanities, Education, Economics, Medicine, Science and Engineering, Agriculture, East Asian Studies, Innovation and Technology Management, Veterinary Science, and Agricultural Science (over at Tottori University).

The Yamaguchi University’s dictum, “Discover it, Nourish it, Realize it. A Place of Wisdom” had been the driving force that placed the University in a high pedestal of learning in the region. Today, the University strives to keep at par with the international academic institutions by carrying out modern research and building a way of life and an environment cushioned in intellectual distinction.

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Yamaguchi University
1677-1 Yoshida

Yamaguchi University Rankings and Quick Facts

Motto: Discover it. Nourish it. Realise it. A Place of Wisdom.

Yamaguchi University ranking
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
403 to 510
Asia Rank (Jiaotong)
43 to 64
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