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The University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo) is located in the capital of the Scandinavian country of Norway. It was founded in 1811 and has been continually in existence through that whole period of time. It is a public university with a staff of 4,600 and a student body of 32,000; it is therefore a university of significant size.

The University of Oslo Ranking is number 37 in Europe. Other Norwegian universities include the UiB, University of Tromso, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The University of Oslo has been responsible for the production of five Nobel Prize winners over the years; these being awarded to Fridtjof Nansen (Peace – 1922), Ragnar Frisch (Economics – 1969), Odd Hassel (Chemistry – 1969), Ivar Giaever (Physics – 1973) and Trygve Haavelmo (Economics – 1989).

There are a number of great things about the University of Oslo and one of those things happens to be its botany department. There are many excellent articles published each year in botany and plant science journals that come from people that either work full time at the University of Oslo or are alternatively affiliated with the University of Oslo in some way. Therefore, students that are considering a place in plant biology at a university would do well to give the University of Oslo a good look when it comes right down to it.

The University of Oslo is a university that has many strengths in other areas that are not related to botany; geology being one such subject. Norway is home to a lot of interesting geology, and therefore the University of Oslo has many researchers that are interested in categorizing and characterizing the unique geology of the area. Good researchers lead to good teachers which ultimately serve to making the learning experience better for you, the student.

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Boks 1072

University of Oslo Logo

University of Oslo Logo

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Formerly named the The Royal Frederick University.

The university is ranked as the 181st best in the world by the THE.


University of Oslo; European University List.

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