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Université de Lausanne (UNIL), or the University of Lausanne, is a public University in Switzerland. It was founded as a school of theology in 1537 and became a university in 1890. Its campus can be found along Lake Geneva’s shores together with the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Prior to 2005, the French education, albeit with some differences, was employed in the UNIL. Now, it adheres to the requirements set by the Bologna process.

Other colleges and universities in Switzerland include ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Universität Basel, University of Geneva, University of Fribourg and Université de Bern.

The University of Lausanne ranking is 64th in Europe. Similarly rated colleges include the Moscow State University and Trinity College Dublin.

UNIL was originally known as the Academy and catered to the training of ministers for the church. It enjoyed some form of renown for being the only Protestant school of theology which uses the French language. More faculties were established as the centuries passed. The faculties also diversified and in 1890, the Academy attained the status of a university. Since 1970, UNIL little by little moved from its old site in Lausanne’s centre to its present location in Dorigny. Near the 20th century’s end, the University became part of a project which aimed to have greater cooperation among French-speaking universities in Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Lausanne. The two newest faculties, Faculty of Earth Science and Environment and Faculty of Biology and Medicine, were established in 2003.

The University of Lausanne is composed of seven faculties: Theology and Religious Studies, Social and Political Sciences, Law and Criminal Justice, Geosciences and Environment, Business and Economics, Biology and Medicine, and Arts. UNIL also has several schools and sections: School of French as a Foreign Language, School of Criminal Justice, Section of Pharmacy, and Vacation Courses.

Some of the University’s notable graduates include Thai kings, Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII) and Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX); HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana; Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; FIFA president Sepp Blatter; Turkish former foreign minister İsmail Cem; Swiss President and Swiss Federal Councilor, Pascal Couchepin; former Swiss Federal Councilor Jean-Pascal Delamuraz; former Mozambique prime minister Pascoal Mocumbi; and Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier, among others.

University of Lausanne Address

The University of Lausanne address is:
H-1015 Lausanne.

University of Lausanne Rankings and Quick Facts

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University Lausanne ranking
Ranking – Times 400 (UK)
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
203 to 304
European Rank (Jiaotong)
81 to 123
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University of Lausanne; European College List.

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