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The University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg) was founded on April 1, 1919 and since then has been a place of study akin to many of the other public universities that can be found both within the country of Germany and on the continent of Europe. The University of Hamburg ranking is the joint 11th best university in Germany, and 181st in the world. Similarly rated German colleges include University of Tübingen, Universität Würzburg, University of Kiel, and University of Köln.

Since its founding, the university of Hamburg has expanded to include six research centers, two research schools and a number of projects aimed towards getting younger students (including undergraduates) directly involved in the research process.

One of the biggest attractions about the University of Hamburg is how much they enjoy liaising with members of the non-academic community. For example, one of the big parts of their outreach program is known as the Hamburg University Day. During this event, they actually invite high schools to their university in order to give lectures on different topics relating to the future of the high school students, and what they should be expecting when they get to university. The quality of these lectures is unusually good, while most universities do outreach events of a similar nature, very few of them are actually serious or useful in any way. In addition to these lectures, there are lectures of sample material in all of the different departments, and this allows students the chance to get a real taste of exactly what is involved in the University of Hamburg education. It is open to any high school student, so if you are interested then get in touch with them to arrange transportation.

Another positive point in favor of the University of Hamburg is how they choose to incorporate electronic learning into their course curricula. For example, in many of their science lectures it is very common that students get material from the Internet and take comprehension tests on line. Because science is a program where many students might be shy about giving answers out loud, the on line comprehension tests allow the necessary anonymity for students to really achieve their best. This is just one of the many innovative learning tools used by executives at the University of Hamburg.

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University of Hamburg
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1
D-20146 Hamburg

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University of Hamburg

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The university is ranked ion the region of the 150th to 200th best in the world by the ARWU.


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