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One of the claims to fame that the University of East Anglia (UEA) is that it was part of a solution to an educational shortage experienced within the United Kingdom within the 1960s. During that time, the government decided to create a number of new schools in order to address the shortfall and part of the series of universities that was created in 1963 included Norfolk, England’s University of East Anglia. It has since become one of the leading universities in the country, even with its relatively small student population of 15,000.

The UEA is ranked number 24 in the University Review top universities in the UK List. Similarly ranked colleges include University of Nottingham, University of Reading, University of Southampton, and University of Leicester.

Currently, research plays a very important role in education at the University of East Anglia and whenever possible it is combined with education. The university is a member of the 1994 Group, the group representing a number of the different country leaders in research-intensive training. There are few universities around, especially in the United Kingdom, where undergraduates get such an intense exposure to research so early on in their career and many of the students that have graduated the institution have commented very positively on this aspect of their undergraduate education.

However, just because the term research-intensive is used, does not mean that it applies only to the fields of science. In fact, the UEA is strong in sciences, social sciences and humanities programs, and has done ground-breaking research in almost every field imaginable. At the current moment in time, they are studying everything from implications of salmon breeding to the societal effects of financial institution mergers and back. There is simply a research mentality to the university that allows students interested in those fields to truly flourish in an environment where they don’t have to hold anything back.

Research is a primary focus at the UEA, and it has strong links with the adjacent John Innes Centre and the NFR. In addition to research many other educational tools are used as well. These include conventional campus educational aspects such as lectures and practical sessions, as well as Internet studies, distance education and extra-curricular departmental involvement. The full experience is available at the University of East Anglia and that is primarily the reason why so many students love it there.

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University of East Anglia
Earlham Road

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University of East Anglia Logo

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The university is ranked as the 145th best in the world by the THE.


University of East Anglia

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