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The University of Chile (Universidad de Chile) is a public university located in the capital city of Chile, Santiago.

It is the largest university in Chile and one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in Latin America.

The University was established in 1842 by Andres Bello, and was officially opened in 1843.

Organization and Facilities at the University of Chile

The University of Chile is divided into 16 faculties with 13 campuses located in different parts of the city of Santiago. It has a status of an urban university meaning that all of it’s campuses are spread within the city and are easily available by all methods of transportation.

The main faculties of the University of Chile are:

1. The Faculty of Agronomic Sciences
2. The Faculty of Forestry Sciences
3. The Faculty of Veterinary and Bovine Sciences
4. The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
5. The Faculty of Economic and Business
6. The Faculty of Medicine
7. The faculty of Law
8. The faculty of Dentistry
9. The Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
10. The faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
11. The Faculty of Science
12. The Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities
13. The Faculty of Social Sciences
14. The Faculty of Arts
15. The Faculty of Engineering
16. The Faculty of Journalism

Each faculty has sub-divisions and departments offering programs in related fields and providing excellent research opportunities. The five Medicine related Campuses located in the Center, North, East, South and West hold a number of research facilities, including clinics and the Mental Health Unit. The University’s Clinic Hospital is the largest in the country.

Additionally, the University of Chile has a number of research institutions, such as the Center for Space-Related Studies, Nutrition and Food Technology Institute, and the Center for Byzantine, Hellenic, Arabic and Judaic Studies to name a few. All students have access to the library and Internet resources.

University of Chile Students Information facts

The University of Chile in Santiago has nearly 23,500 undergraduates enrolled in its academic programs and over 4,000 postgraduates. Spanish language is the main language of instruction and communication at all levels, and the University has a large number of foreign students and is open to various student exchange programs.

A range of student accommodation is available on campus as well as in the city itself. International students coming through exchange programs usually stay with Chilean families. Specially designed language and culture courses are available for all foreign students before the academic semester starts.

University of Chile Address

Universidad de Chile
Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1058,
Santiago de Chile

University of Chile Logo

University of Chile Logo

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