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There are a number of different universities in Europe that are considered great universities, and the University of Barcelona is definitely high up on that list. First and foremost, it is a public research university and has membership to the famous Coimbra Group. The University of Barcelona ranking is number 85 in Europe, other highly ranked Spanish universities include the Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of MadridAutonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Valencia.

It is an institution in the Spanish city of Barcelona in the Catalan region, and has been around since the year 1450. There are over 60,000 students in attendance at the University of Barcelona and ultimately this large number of students has the ability of attracting people to come and work at this prestigious institute.

The city of Barcelona is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on the planet and when you are able to study in that kind of beauty, it has the effect of really allowing you to focus your mind, clear your thoughts and get down to business. A lot of students have commented very strongly on the positive effect of the area around them on their studying and therefore the city of Barcelona remains popular with students.

In addition to the city and university being beautiful, as previously mentioned the university is greatly involved in research that is very pertinent to our world today. Two illnesses that are currently receiving extensive research from teams at the University of Barcelona are the Ebola Virus and the AIDS illness; both of which have research projects that undergraduates can be involved in.

In other areas, the University of Barcelona is a force to be reckoned with; geology being an especially strong area. Not only are they studying the formation of important crystals all around the world, but they are also extensively involved in new campaigns directed at formulating and expanding our knowledge base of the polar regions on the planet; once again a project that undergraduates can get involved in.

University of Barcelona Address

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona

University of Barcelona Logo

University of Barcelona Logo

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Motto: Libertas perfundet omnia luce (English – Freedom pours light around)

The university is ranked as between the 201st and 225th best in the world by the THE.


University of Barcelona; List of European Universities.

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