UC Riverside Ranking, Address, Tuition, Admission Requirements & SAT Scores

The University of California at Riverside ranking is 73rd best college in the US and 119th best in the world in the University Review College Rankings List. It is currently rated as the 112th best college in the nation by the USnews. It is ranked as the 263rd best college in USA by Forbes.

Requirements for Admission and Tuition Fees (Quick Facts)

The University of California at Riverside tuition fees are $12,960 for in-state and $35,838 for out of state students. It is a moderately selective college taking in 62.7% of applicants. Financial aid offered totals $236 million per year, an average of $21,000 per student.

University of California at Riverside SAT Scores and ACT Scores

Requirements for SATs (25th-75th percentile) at UCR are Math 480 – 610, Reading 450 – 560, and writing 460 – 570.

The requirements for ACT (25th-75th percentile) are Composite 19 – 24, English 17 – 24, and Math 19 – 26.

UC Riverside Information

The University of California at Riverside (abbreviated as UC Riverside or UCR) is one of the ten schools that that make up the large University of California system. UC Riverside is not one of the larger campuses, but it is one that certainly has a lot going for it. It has an endowment that is worth in excess of $500 million and a total student body of around 18,000 students.

Historically, the UC Riverside, CA has been responsible for research that you would expect a university located in that geographical area to be good at. That is to say that as the UC Riverside is located where there is a lot of farmland and temperate conditions, a lot of pioneering research done there is in the fields of horticulture and agricultural science. For students looking to do research in these fields or indeed in any plant science field, the UCR is definitely a viable choice for them to pursue.

UC Riverside Ranking
University of California at Riverside campus by lotherington.

In addition to this, climate change initiatives are big at the UC Riverside. There are a number of recognized climatologists on staff and climate change courses and seminar groups abound all across not only the UC Riverside campus, but also at other UC campuses around the other parts of the state of California. One of the major advantages of studying at UCR is that you as a student can benefit from the infrastructure support of the other University of California locations.

However, just because the specialty of the university might be more towards plant and climate science, this does not preclude students that like the area from choosing other areas of study. There are dozens of degree possibilities for you to try at UC Riverside and they extend all over from science to social science and humanities as well.

The UCR is a university that tends to collaborate with a lot of other universities and therefore a lot of the departments host lectures where professors from other universities speak about their current research interests. These types of lectures are usually open to the public and of course also to the students, so if you are really interested in following research right from the get go, you are going to find that the UC Riverside is one of the best places to do that.

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UC Riverside Address

University of California-Riverside
900 University Ave
CA 92521

UC Riverside Logo

UC Riverside Logo

Ranking and Quick Facts

Motto: Fiat Lux – Let There Be Light

The university is ranked as the 143rd best in the world by the THE. It is currently led by Kim A. Wilcox. There are approximately 18,500 undergraduate students. It was founded in 1954.

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