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There is a great university tradition in Japan that stretches back many years; part of that tradition centered on the establishment and operations of a number of Imperial Universities close to the turn of the 20th century. Tohoku University (東北大学) is the third oldest of the Imperial Universities having been founded in 1907 and ever since then has made a name for itself as being one of the most prestigious universities within the island nation. The Tohoku University ranking is joint 4th in Japan, and 93rd in the world. Similarly rated colleges in Japan include Nagoya University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, and Osaka University.

At any given time there are about 17,000 students actively studying at the university, and these students are not only able to drive the impressive educational standards of the university but they are also largely responsible for the large number of extracurricular clubs and athletic varsity teams that the university is able to boast.

The Tohoku University ranking is number 5 in Asia in the University Review List. Similarly ranked colleges include the National University Singapore, and Seoul National University.

One of the interesting aspects of Tohoku University, even before the research and the quality of education, is the fact that the University appears to care for its students in a way that very few other universities in the world can match. One of the prime ways how this is manifested is the fact that students can actually get exemptions from tuition and other university fees if it appears that paying fees could be financially hazardous to them. In most universities they will give you a loan that you will have to pay back later, but at Tohoku University it is not uncommon for either part or all of a student’s tuition to be waived because of financial difficulty. There are other universities that offer this as a policy, but Tohoku is one of the few that actively advertise that they offer this; usually universities like to keep it somewhat quiet.

So right away we can see that Tohoku University appears to go out of its way to make its students feel welcome. You can also see this in the resources they put into things like having good guidance counsellors on staff and other student services. This combined with the high level quality of education that Tohoku has is definitely something to behold.

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Sendai 980-0856

Tohoku University Logo

Tohoku University Logo

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Motto: Value the Practical Study

The university is ranked as the 120th best in the world by the THE.


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