University of South Alabama Ranking, Address, Tuition Fees, Admissions Requirement & SAT Scores

The University of South Alabama ranking is as a Tier 2 national university by the USnews, and the 593rd best college in the US by Forbes.

Requirements for Admission, ACT & SATS Scores, and Tuition Fees (Quick Facts 2014 / 2015)

The total composite SAT Score range (middle 50%) for accepted applicants is 875 to 1115.

The previous years requirements for ACT (25th-75th percentile) at Composite was 20 – 26.

The University of South Alabama tuition fees are $6,948 for in-state and $13,596 for out of state students. It is a fairly selective college accepting 86% of applicants.

An Overview of the University of South Alabama (Facts 2014)

The University of South Alabama is a public, coeducational establishment that is situated in a suburban setting in the city of Mobile, AL. There are presently a total of 15 065 enrolled at South Alabama. Of these, 11 307 (75.1%) partake in studies at the UG level, whereas 3 758 (24.9%) read postgrad classes. Of the undergraduates, 8 767 study full-time and 2 540 study part-time.

Location wise, 88% come from in-state while 12% are from out of state. There are about 3% of overseas students. There are 6 411 women attending the University of South Alabama, while 4 896 men study at the undergraduate, giving a ratio approximately 43:57.

Regarding ethnicity, the undergrad student body is broken down to 62% Caucasian, 3% of Asian descent, 22% African-American, and 2% Hispanic/Latino.

University South Alabama Football
Sporting events, especially those involving the Jaguars Football team are an important part of College life at South Alabama. Photograph by Andrea Wright.

The University of South Alabama ranking is currently ranked as a Second Tier university by the U.S. News College Report.

Costs of Tuition

The tuition fees for attendance at the university are $8,310 for those from the same state, and $16,620 for those from out of state. Also add $6,860 for room and board, $1,200 for study materials, and $300 in additional fees. Bringing the price of studying at this academic establishment to $16,670 for in state UGs and $24,980 for out of state students.

University of South Alabama provides needs based funding for scholarships of $19,305,752, and has non-needs based funds of $11,791,055 available, making a total of $31,096,807 accessible as grants to their students. The average monetary help given to every student is $4,741, and around 94% of students are provided help with their financial needs.

Student Applications

The University of South Alabama is a selective college with an acceptance rate of 87%. In the previous year 4 473 applied to attend, of whom 3 903 received acceptance. Of the students receiving admittance letters 1 994 (51%) matriculated to the university.

The application fees for the establishment are $35 for undergraduates and the same, $35, for post-grad study.

Seven percent of successful applicants presented SATS. The median scores for reading were 400 – 499 (43%), 400 – 499 (41%) for Math, and 400 – 499 (45%) for writing. The mid fifty percent percentiles were 435 – 570 for reading, 420 – 560 for writing, and 420 – 560 for Math.

Ninety percent of all applicants gave ACTs: median ranges are 18 – 23 (51%) Composite, 18 – 23 (43%) English, and 18 – 23% (40%) for Math. The mid 50% percentiles were 19 – 25 Composite, 17 – 24 Mathematics, 19 – 26 for English, and 6 – 8 at Writing.

Very important factors for gaining access into the college include your secondary school record and standardized test scores.

The application address for studying at University of South Alabama is USA Office of Admissions, 2500 Meisler Hall, 390 Alumni Circle, Mobile, AL 36688-00002. The tel. number is (251) 460-6141, and the admissions site can be found here:

Academic Study Programs

The establishment offers over 90 courses (50 Bachelor’s and over 40 at the Master’s level), with the most popular being Nursing, Business Administration, and Biology. Sizes of classes are: less than 20 (44%), 20 – 49 (48%), and 50 or more (8%).

Campus Details

The college has ten colleges, with the main campus being found in Mobile, Alabama. The campuses cover an area of about 1224 acres.

Sports teams partake at the NCAA DIVISION I-A level in the Sun Belt Conference. The sports teams are named the Jaguars. Men are involved in eight varsity events, while women take part in nine sporting events, producing a total of seventeen varsity events in all.

Number of Faculty

The college employs in the region of 770 full-time academic faculty, and 740 part-time (total faculty = 1510). The student to teacher ratio is 19:1.

Graduation Rates: Years Taken to Graduate School

Around 14% of undergraduates graduate within 4 years, and 33% finish within 6 years. Last year, 2 503 scholars graduated the university; these received 1 631 Bachelor’s degrees and 694 Master’s.

Student Experience

A lot of students comment on how peaceful the campus is, the ease of meeting people from different backgrounds and countries, its location near the gulf coast, and on the availability of things to do in the town of Mobile. The cafeteria, and its meal plan, is considered of good quality and value, but many mention that there are many other places to eat within the vicinity of the college campus.

As the University of South Alabama has close to the lowest tuition fees of all colleges in the state it is no surprise that students (from in-state) feel that it offers tremendous value for money. Many mention the ability of scholarships, especially for those with academic, sports and musical talents. Although the fees have risen in recent years, there has been an associated improvement in the quality of education offered, and the money is being put to use in the building and refurbishment of dorms, classrooms and other important buildings.

Courses are considered tough but fair, so if you are willing to put in the effort you can expect to get a good grade and a quality education. Students comment that teachers/lectures are dedicated to their professor and are pleased to help with academic problems and to get involved in in-depth discussions in their topics.

The university has many clubs and encourages students to get involved in participating in sports and supporting the university’s Jaguar varsity teams. The Mitchell center offers lots of events such as concerts, dramas, and basketball. It is a great place for those who like the outdoors with plenty of nature walks in the area, and the campus is only about 50 minutes to the nearest beach.

The dorms are spacious and new ones (e.g., Stokes Hall) offer very good accommodation with your own room and a shared bathroom. Students tend to sleep on the same floor as other people taking the same topics of study.

The campus has had some safety problems in the past and the university and police force are upping their efforts to address these problems. Escort services are available for students late at night, and there is now a campus alert system in place.

Overall, the university is considered to offer a good education at a very reasonable cost. South Alabama has a small college feel to it despite being a fairly large establishment.

University of South Alabama Address & Map

307 N University Blvd
AL 36688
United States

How to drive there: GPS coordinates.

Decimal Degrees
30.69553 -88.174843

Degrees, Minutes & Seconds
Latitude Longitude
N30 41 43 W88 10 29

Latitude Longitude
N 30 41.732 W 88 10.491

Other colleges in Alabama state include the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Troy University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Auburn University.

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Key Facts

Type: Public
Established: 1964
Endowment: $160,000,000 (Ranked 332nd)
President: Tony G. Waldrop
Cost to attend: (instate) $ $16,670; Out of State $ $24,980
College Ranking: Second Tier university
Number of Students: 15 065
University of South Alabama Website:
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