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Queen’s University Belfast (also known colloquially as QUB) is one of the universities of the famous Russell Group. The group itself is involved in lobbying for research funds and is home to many of the well known research universities of the United Kingdom.

The Queen’s University Belfast ranking number 53 in the University Review List of top UK universities. Similarly ranked colleges include the University of Essex, University of Liverpool, Swansea University, and University of Bradford.

It is a university that has been around since 1849 and has expanded to a size with a student body of around 25,000 students. It is located within the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It has a very urban campus that appeals to students from all of the different walks of life.

As far as research goes, there is absolutely no question whatsoever that Queen’s University Belfast is one of the best research institutions in the United Kingdom. The continuous research output by the university is quite great and because of this it has international recognition when it comes to research efforts; a fact that was hammered home in 2006 when the university was awarded its fourth Queen’s Anniversary Prize for outstanding research efforts.

Schools at Queen’s University, Belfast

The university itself is divided into 21 schools broadly covering topics within the fields of science, social science and arts. All of the schools have degree programs in there that are considered as being close to the top of their kind in the country and ultimately that reputation is what brings a lot of students to QUB every single year.

However, while all students would do well to choose Queen’s University Belfast as their destination, the students that will really benefit from the outlook of the university are students that are interested in research. QUB is like any other research-centric university in that they are willing to give research opportunities to undergraduates in order to prepare them for the world of research awaiting them once they graduate and go on to bigger and better things.

Research universities are great in that sense and while all students will have a good time with the high quality of education at QUB, students interested in devoting their lives to research should definitely take a second look here when making their final decision.

Queen’s University Belfast Address

University Road
Northern Ireland

Queen’s University Belfast Logo

Queen’s University Belfast Logo

Ranking and Quick Facts

The university is ranked as being between the 251st to 275th best in the world by the THE.


Queen’s University Belfast;

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