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McGill University is one of Canada’s leading research universities and offers knowledge through scholarships, society service and teaching through research. McGill University has great support from the government and donors; this has enabled McGill to reach the top ranks of the best public universities in Canada. The McGill University ranking is 3rd best college in Canada, and 39th in the world. Similarly rated Canadian colleges include University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McMaster University, and University of Alberta.

This publicly funded, co-educational research university is controlled by the Chancellor Richard Pound who is helped by the Chair of governors and principal heather Munroe-Blun. There are about 34,000 students in McGill University in total; these are taught by around 1,500 well qualified and experienced staff. McGill University comprises of 11 faculties and 10 schools and supports research tremendously. The university has an endowment of around $760 million.

The latest McGill University Ranking charts have it placed as the best in Canada and sixty first in the world. The institution is particularly strong and ranks high in the health and biological fields.

The tuition fees for the different courses tend to change according to the course of study. Quebec residents and residents from the rest of Canada are charged much lower than the international students. The courses offered in McGill University are agricultural and environmental sciences, dentistry, arts, education, engineering, law, management, medicine, music, science and religious studies. These courses are offered both for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

In addition to the regular graduate and postgraduate studies, there are also summer classes and lifelong studies that one can pursue in McGill University. The lifelong study courses offered here include management studies in various fields, accountancy, education, English, French, and translation studies. Realizing that summer is a great time to take a university course, there are often over 8,000 participating in the Summer classes.

There are over 250 summer courses offered in McGill University, these are divided between three sessions which start from May, June and July. In addition to these summer courses, there are also special off course programs offered by McGill. These special courses include biology, architecture, Italian studies, management and Quebec studies. These courses offer credits to students who can use these credits to pursue credit courses, if required.

McGill University is proud to be a great research centre that covers many disciplines like physical sciences, engineering, management, languages, medicine, law, music and agriculture. McGill University is affiliated with over 75 research centers and has partnerships with numerous universities and governments.

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845 Sherbrooke St.
W. Montreal
H3A 2T5

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McGill University Logo

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Motto – Grandescunt aucta labore (By work, all things increase and grow).

The university is ranked as the 28th best in the world by the THE.


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