Columbia University Admission Requirements, Ranking, and Address

The Columbia University Ranking is 8th best in the USA and 10th in the World University Ranking List. It is ranked as the joint 4th best college in the states by the USnews, and the 20th best by Forbes.

Columbia University Requirements for Admission, ACT & SAT Scores, and Tuition Fees (Quick Facts 2014 / 2015)

The total composite SAT Score range (verbal plus math; middle 50%) for accepted applicants is 1390 to 1570.

The Columbia University admission requirements for ACT (25th-75th percentile) at Composite is 31 – 34.

The Columbia University tuition fees are $51,008 for all students. It is an extremely selective college accepting 7% of applicants. Financial aid offered totals $125 million per year, an average of $43,770 per student.

College Overview

Columbia University is located in Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is a private university in the neighbourhood of Morningside heights.

It was established in 1754, making it one of the five oldest universities in the USA. Columbia is an Ivy League school. The campus was designed by the architects Mead, White and McKim, and the main campus of Columbia University New York occupies an area of 32 acres, in a somewhat amazing six blocks of Manhattan.

columbia university ranking
The Columbia University campus at Morningside Heights in Upper Manhattan. Photograph by InSapphoWeTrust; CC.

Columbia University Quick Facts

Columbia’s library system has nearly nine million volumes. There are around, 3750 faculty members, 8,400 undergraduate students and nearly 14000 postgraduate scholars. Columbia has an endowment of 8.2 billion US dollars. The president is Lee Bollinger.

Columbia University Address

Columbia University
2960 Broadway,
New York,
NY 10027-6902

Other colleges in New York state include Cornell, New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, CUNY City College, SUNY Stony Brook, Syracuse University, Downstate Medical Center, SUNY Albany, MSSM, Rockefeller University, University of Rochester, Yeshiva, and the University at Buffalo.

Columbia University Libraries

The Columbia University Libraries contain just over nine and a half million volumes. The main library is called the Butler library; this library alone contains close to two million books and is open all hours. In all there are twenty four libraries at Columbia University New York.

Columbia University Logo

Columbia University Logo

Columbia University Seal

An In-depth look at Columbia University

Student body

Presently, 29,250 students partake in some kind of study at Columbia University. Of these, 8,365 (28.6%) study at the undergraduate schools, 14,239 (48.7%) are educated at the graduate and professional schools, 4,329 (14.8%) at the medical center, and 2,317 (7.9%) are involved in continuing education or specialized programs.

At the undergraduate level 86% study full-time and 14% part-time. The male: female gender breakdown is 53:47 at the UG level and 49:51 at university total level.

The ethnicity of people studying at the undergraduate level breaks down to 38.3% white, 16.7% Asian, 13.2% Hispanic, and 7.3% Black; with the total number of minority students being Approximately 49%.

Eighty-six percent of all undergraduate studies come from, or are permanent residents of, the USA; in total, 72.1% of all students are from the USA, and 39% are from a minority background. For further details of enrollment by ethnicity and citizenship visit this page.

Columbia is currently ranked by University Review as the 8th best college in the USA, and the 10th best in the world. In the List of Ivy Schools rankings it places fourth.

Tuition fees

As Columbia is an Ivy League school located in Manhattan, it is no surprise that it is an expensive school to study at. Fortunately, numerous grants are available for potential learners wishing to study at the establishment.

Currently (2013/14 entry) the tuition fees at Columbia College and in Engineering are set at $46,846, while it is a little cheaper to partake in the General Studies programs at $45,360. On top of this it will cost $11,978 for room and board ($4,868 board only, $7119 room only), $2,229 for mandatory fees, and and approximately $1,100 in book costs. Therefore, the estimated yearly expenses to attend Columbia as an undergraduate range from $60,667 – $62153.

As the university has a large endowment ($8.2 billion) it is able to be kind with its scholarships, taken together with governmental programs last year 58% of students were awarded some kind of grant or other financial aid to attend the institute, at an average of just over $38,000. At the undergraduate level the average aid given as a percentage of total tuition fees was 26% for general studies, 41% at Columbia College, and 44% for Engineering.

At the graduate level the tuition rates range from $31,500 (Architecture, Planning & Preservation; New York / Paris) to $60,720 (MA in Film Studies). Whilst at the Medical center, graduate fees range from $5,000 (Psychoanalytical Training & Research) to $55,128 (Dental). Other fees include Medicine ($51,484), Public health ($44,100), and Nursing ($35,392 – $41,136).

Financial aid is also given to graduates with aid as a percentage of tuition fees ranging from 6% (business) to 63% in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Although both Columbia and New York City are expensive compared to other universities and cities there is no doubt that the quality of education and life in the city make studying at Columbia ideal for intellectuals who will receive financial aid and/or for moneyed people.

Academic programs

There are three main undergraduate schools; these are the Columbia college, which takes in 4,593 (54.9%) UG scholars, Engineering (1,559; (18.6%)), and General studies (2,213; (26.5%)).

The schools at Columbia offer 431 types of undergraduate degrees, with 67 majors being available in Mechanical engineering, 60 in computer sciences, 54 in economics, 46 in Civil Engineering, 42 in Biomedical Engineering, and 41 in Applied Mathematics; amongst others.

Columbia University in the City of New York Campus details

Columbia is located on an urban campus of 299 acres in Upper Manhattan, New York, NY. The main campus is 32 acres in size and located at Morningside heights. In addition to the main campus study centers are also present in seven other cities: Paris, Beijing, Istanbul, Rio, Santiago, Nairobi, and Amman.

Sports wise, the university is involved in 29 varsity sports  (15 women, 14 men) at the Division I-AA level, and is a member of the Ivy League.

Number of faculty and Staff

There are currently 3,763 full time members of faculty, of which 905 are involved with graduate study (345 (38.1%) in Humanities; 263 (29.1%) in Natural Sciences; 200 (22.1%) in the Social Sciences; 73 (8.1%) in Arts; and 24 (2.7%) in Continuing Education). A further 609 faculty work at the Morningside Graduate and Professional Schools, and 2,249 at the Med center.

Of the 1,069 tenured faculty at Columbia 803 (75.1%) are men, and 266 (24.9%) women.

There are currently 15,407 staff employed by the establishment. Of these, 52% are women and 45% come from a minority background.

Graduation rates, time to graduate

Last year Columbia awarded 11,343 degrees and certificates. These consisted of 6,968 Master’s degrees, 2,127 Bachelors degrees, 1,382 doctoral level degrees, and 866 certificates. At the undergraduate level, Columbia College awarded 1,145 degrees, Engineering 431, General Studies 374, and the Medical Center 168.

As expected with such a prestigious establishment the number of students who graduate is high at 84%, by the sixth year 93% of all students have graduated.

Student Admission

The fee to apply to Columbia is $80 –  $115 for undergraduates (fee waivers are available for those in financial need) and $100 for graduates. At the UG level Admissions tests, college preparatory program completion, and recommendations are all required.

Applications are competitive, with just 7% of applications being admitted (the fourth most competitive school in the USA), of these 58% go on to enroll.

92% of applications submitted SAT scores, with the middle 50% ranging from 2150 – 2320 in reading, and 690 – 780 in writing. 30% of applicants submitted ACT scores, with the middle 50% percentiles ranging from 30 – 35 in English, 31 – 35 in Math, 31 – 34 Composite, and 8 – 10 at writing.

The Columbia admissions website is located here, the general address is West 116 St and Broadway New York, NY 10027 (but check the admissions pages for full address details of specific schools.

Student Experience

Despite the expenses of living in NYC and the fees involved nearly all students consider Columbia to offer very good value for money. It is especially noteworthy that students are able to offer free tickets to museums and cultural events such as classical music and the ballet.

It is no surprise that students feel that they have learnt a lot during their time studying, with many remarking on the quality and pace of education offered at Columbia.

As to be expected with living in one of the great cities of the world many people feel that the social activities available to them are second to none, especially as Columbia University has its own subway station making getting to downtown and all of its facilities a breeze.

Many scholars consider the metropolitan campus to be a little gem and state how much they like hanging around on the lawns and commented on how active everyone was.

Although NYC is a large city, most students feel that Columbia offers a safe environment to work/live/ and study in. With the area immediately around the university being considered very secure with a blue light program and university security guards.  Gaining access to campus areas such as dorms and libraries involves the use of a security card; though many of the other buildings are open to the public. The surrounding area is full of quaint boutique shops and considered a nice area to walk in. Many people feel that if you are out late at night and in other areas of the cities you need to take a few extra precautions and be street savvy.

Overall, most students feel that Columbia offers not only a fantastic academic education, but also its location in NYC makes it one of the best places to get a life-education too.

Columbia University Rankings and Quick Facts

Columbia University motto: In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen (English: In Thy light shall we see light).

Columbia University Ranking
Ranking – Times 400 (UK)
University world Ranking – Jiao tong 500 (China)
University world Ranking – Newsweek 100 (USA)
PBA Top 100 Colleges
USnews American ranking
American Rank (Jiaotong)
Columbia University New York Facts
Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Columbia University Location Manhattan, New York
Faculty / Staff
3,763 / 15,407
Endowment – USA Rank $8,197,880,000 – 9th
Endowment per student
Research Spending – USA Rank $535,424,000 – 18th
Number of foreign students
AAU, Ivy League

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