Clemson University Ranking, Address, Tuition, Admission Requirements & SAT Scores

The Clemson University Ranking is 81st in the top 100 colleges list and in the range of 316 to 324 in the world rankings on the University Review College Ranking List. It is ranked as the 62nd best college by the USnews (2014 update). US colleges with similar world rankings to Clemson include OklahomaNortheastern University, Oregon State University, and Wayne State University.

Requirements for Admission and Tuition Fees (Quick Facts 2014 / 2015)

The Clemson University tuition fees are $13,382 for in-state and $30,816 for out of state students. It is a selective college taking in 57.2% of applicants. Financial aid offered totals $98.5 million per year, an average of $11,250 per student.

Clemson University SAT Scores and ACT Scores

SAT scores for Clemson University admission requirements (25th-75th percentile) are Math 59 – 680, Reading 550 – 650, and writing 540 – 640.

The requirements for ACT (25th-75th percentile) at Composite are 26 – 30.

Clemson University Information

Having been established in 1889 Clemson University has grown in size to cover an area of 17,000 acres and now caters for over 21,300 students.

The current president of Clemson is James Clements.

There are five major colleges at Clemson:

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
College of Business and Behavioral Sciences
College of Engineering and Science
College of Health, Education and Human Development

Clemson University, ClemsonSC is currently ranked as the 81st best American college in the PBA rankings and was listed 61st by the US news college rankings. The university has an aim of becoming one of the top twenty institutions in the USA, and is investing heavily in new programs to make this a reality in the future.

Clemson University
Clemson University

Clemson University Address

Clemson University
South Carolina 29634
United States of America

Other colleges in the state include the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina.

Clemson University Logo

Clemson University Logo
Clemson University Logo

Clemson university logo

Clemson University Rankings and Quick Facts

Clemson is located in South Carolina.

Clemson University Ranking
University world Ranking – Times 200 (UK)
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
305 to 402
University world Ranking – Newsweek 100 (USA)
USA College rank (PBA)
USA College Rankings US news
America Rank (Jiaotong)
139 to 164
Clemson University Facts
Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Clemson Location South Carolina, USA
Faculty / Staff
1265 / 2950
Endowment (2006) – USA Rank
Endowment per student
Research Spending – USA Rank $175,127,000 – 92nd

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Clemson University; List of South Carolina Colleges; Photograph by hager.angie.

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