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The University of Zurich (Universität Zürich or UZH) is located in Switzerland and was founded in 1833 (though some of the theology colleges date back to 1525).

The University of Zurich ranking is 10th in Europe. Other colleges and universities in Switzerland include Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, EPFL, Universität Basel, University of Geneva, Universität Bern, and University de Lausanne.

It is a public institution having been proposed by the state, making it the first non-religious nor monarch proposed university in Europe. It is an Urban university situated in Zurich. It is also known as Universitas Turicensis and is abbreviated to UZH.

There are around 23500 students served by approximately 2700 staff and faculty at the University of Zurich. The rector of the university is Prof. Dr. Hans Weder. The school has many Nobel prize winners including Alfred Werner and William Conrad Roentgen (x-rays); however by far the most famous student of the university has to be Albert Einstein who carried out his PhD studies in Zurich. UZH is a member of the League of European Research Universities.

University of Zurich Address

The University of Zurich address is located at:
Rämistr. 71,
8006 Zurich

University of Zurich Logo

University of Zurich Logo

Rankings and Quick Facts

The Latin name of the institute is Universitas Turicensis.

The university is ranked as the 61st best in the world by the THE.


University of Zurich; List of European Colleges.

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