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The University of Manchester is a public institution located in North Western England and was founded in 1851.

The University of Manchester ranking is 41st in the University Review best UK universities list. Similarly ranked colleges include Cardiff University, Royal Holloway, University of Dundee, and University of Sheffield.

It has recently (2004) merged with UMIST, which itself was established in 1824. The University of Manchester was proposed by John Owens, and UMIST by John Dalton. It is situated in and around the Oxford Road area of Manchester, close to Rusholme and the former home of Manchester City football club.

There are approximately 35,500 students, making Manchester the largest university in England; there are 24,500 undergraduate students and around 10,500 post-grads, these are served by 2700 members of staff and faculty. The university of Manchester has an endowment of around 160 million US dollars.

At the present time there are two chancellors Anna ford and Terry Leahy. The universities at Manchester have always prided themselves on science and technology and have twenty Nobel prize winners. Manchester was the place where the first programmable computer was born, and was also the place where the nuclear nature of the atom was unraveled. It is therefore responsible for arguably the greatest technological and scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century. It is also home to the largest medical school in Europe and is a member of the prestigious Russell group of Universities.

University of Manchester Address

Oxford Road
M13 9PL

University of Manchester Logo

University of Manchester Logo

University of Manchester Rankings and Quick Facts

Motto: Cognitio, sapientia, hvmanitas – Knowledge, wisdom, humanity

The university is ranked as the 5th best in the UK and the 44th best in the world by the Sunday Times.


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