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The University of Bergen (UiB; Universitetet i Bergen) in Norway is a modern public university with a high international profile. Though officially established in 1946, its academic activity can be traced back to 1825, when it was located at Bergen Museum.

Today, the University of Bergen is an urban university with over 16,000 students and 3,000 faculty and staff.

The University of Bergen Ranking is number 81 in Europe. Other Norwegian universities include University of OsloUniversity of Tromso and NTNU.

Organization and Faculties at the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is comprised of seven main faculties, which are divided into 90 different specialized departments, centers and institutes. The University offers all levels of degree programs – from Bachelor’s to doctoral. There are special courses and programs for international students as well.

The Faculty of Arts covers humanitarian fields and is divided into several institutes providing academic programs in foreign languages, linguistics, history, cultures, philosophy and music among others.

The Faculty of Psychology is unique in the sense that among Nordic countries only at the University of Bergen has the study of psychology been assigned to its own faculty. Besides psychology, the faculty provides pedagogical education.

The Faculty of Medicine is comprised of ten institutes, centers and departments, focusing on various medical specializations, except for dentistry. The Faculty of Dentistry makes a completely separate division of the University.

The Faculty of Law offers legal studies in the form of a five-year Master’s degree program and a three-year PhD program. The huge Faculty of Social Sciences has a number of programs in such fields as geography, sociology, social anthropology and many others.

Finally, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences provides academic preparation in a variety of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, physics and technology, pharmacy, etc.

University of Bergen Research Activities and Facilities

The University of Bergen, being a research university, has a number of multi-disciplinary research centers providing excellent research facilities in the traditional university disciplines. Additionally, a major focus is given to marine research and developmental research.

Marine research at the University of Bergen involves scientists from the humanities, medicine and social sciences and is focused on such areas as Marine and Fisheries Biology, Climate Change, and Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas.

Development research has brought the University of Bergen worldwide recognition. In collaboration with universities and other research partners in developing countries. Today, there are several faculty-based centers for different thematic aspects of development research at the University of Bergen. The broad definition of “development research” includes areas like poverty, good governance, human rights, environment, health and other similar issues of great importance.

University of Bergen Address

Universitetet i Bergen
Postboks 7800, 5020 Bergen, Norway

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University of Bergen Logo


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