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The University of Aberdeen – Centuries-Old Traditions and Modern Approach

Motto: Initium sapientiae timor domini: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, is a public international university – and is one of the most ancient in the UK. Established in 1495 by William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland; this makes it Scotland’s third oldest. With nearly 14,000 students and over 3000 staff, The University of Aberdeen is a world-class educational institution proud of its rich history and unique traditions.

The University of Aberdeen ranking is number 38 in the University Review List of top UK universities. Similarly ranked colleges include QMUL, Leeds, Royal Holloway University of London, and Cardiff.

University of Aberdeen Organization

Nearly 600 first degree programs and over 110 post graduate programs across 85 subject areas are taught in The University of Aberdeen. It provides high quality education and training for the most wanted professions like Accountancy, Engineering, Medicine, Teaching, and Law amongst many others.

Presently, the University of Aberdeen is split into 3 colleges, namely The College of Life Sciences and Medicine, The College of Physical Sciences, and The College of Arts and Social Sciences. Each college has its own structure and comprises of schools, departments, and research centers and institutes.

Along with the other ancient universities of Scotland, The University of Aberdeen is subject to Universities (Scotland) Act. Its structure of governance reflects tripartite system containing the General Council, University Court and Academic Senate. The three first university officials are the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor cum Principal and the Rector with the Chancellor being the nominal head of the university.

University of Aberdeen Students

The University of Aberdeen has over 10,000 undergraduate students and nearly 4,000 postgraduates. With a great number of foreign students coming from 120 different countries, it proudly carries its status as an international university promoting student exchange and has a truly cosmopolitan feel within it’s campuses. Throughout its history, the University of Aberdeen has been encouraging and giving opportunities for study abroad options worldwide.

The University has over 150 sports clubs and societies serving its every student’s needs. Within the University, the student body is represented by a Students’ Association.

Research Facilities at the University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen has a large focus on research activities, and provides excellent research facilities including the Aberdeen Centre for European Social Research, Center for Linguistic Research, Center for the Study of Contemporary International Culture and Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies to name a few.

The Queen Mother Library is the University’s main library housing an impressive collection of over one million books. Additionally, the University of Aberdeen has seven fine museums showcasing collections of national and international importance; all of them are used for teaching and research at all levels.

University of Aberdeen Address

University of Aberdeen, King’s College, Aberdeen. AB24 3FX

University of Aberdeen Logo

University of Aberdeen Logo


University of Aberdeen;

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