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The National University of Singapore (NUS – Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura – 新加坡国立大学) is an Asian university with global standing. It is a multi campus university that offers numerous educational programs, and research and entrepreneurial ventures. The courses offered here vary from architecture to medicine to music, and cater to over 28,000 students from 88 different countries.

The National University of Singapore Ranking is number 6 in Asia in the University Review List. Similarly ranked colleges include Nagoya University, Tohoku University, Seoul National University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Other well ranked Singaporian universities include the Nanyang Technological University.

The National University of Singapore was founded in the year 1905 as a modest medical school, and has now reached great international heights as a global university of distinctive strengths. There are programs offered here from both undergraduate and graduate divisions. The 14 faculties of the National University of Singapore offer not only multi disciplinary courses but also numerous extra curricular activities for the overall development of the student.

National University of Singapore Ranking
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The contribution of the National University of Singapore to the field of research is a huge one with its close teaching and research organization with 12 university level, 13 national levels, and 80 faculty based research institutes and centers. The National University of Singapore also boasts three huge campus locations.

The Bukit Timah Campus houses the Faculty of Law. There are 12 faculties found in the Kent Ridge Campus where you find courses in various fields ranging from architecture to medicine to music. The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, housed at the Outram Campus, aims at developing expert physician scientists.

The National University of Singapore aims at not only advancing in the fields of knowledge, but also in nurturing talent that proves to be beneficial to both the service of the country and the society. When studying at the National University of Singapore, you are sure to feel the enterprising spirit that lies in the campus which provides the necessary push to the students of the university. This helps in promoting a creative repute for the university throughout the world.

The various courses offered here include business, dentistry, science, law, computing, arts and social sciences, English language, music and various other areas. And to ensure that the students pursuing these various courses are healthy and well in mind, the University of Singapore provides the University wellness and counseling center. This is a center that is divided into three sections, health services, wellness and student counseling.

To conclude, the National University of Singapore not only provides students with a degree, but also helps to develop them into a citizen that is committed to the country.

In the year 2000, Singapore launched an initiative aimed at making it the hub for biomedical research in Asia. Part of this initiative involved the launch of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, this involved a collaboration of the NUS with Duke University, North Carolina.

National University of Singapore Address

Kent Ridge Crescent,
Singapore 119260

National University of Singapore Logo

National University of Singapore Logo

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Motto: Towards a Global Knowledge Enterprise

The university is ranked as the 40th best in the world by the THE.


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