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Murdoch University is an Australian public university established in 1973, and opened it’s doors to students in 1975.

The university was named in honour of Sir Walter Murdoch, the university’s Founding Professor of English and the University of Western Australia’s former chancellor.

Originally built to give educational opportunities to older students, the Murdoch University offers many joint courses with other universities, as well as distance learning opportunities online.

The Murdoch University has more than 200 undergraduate and graduate offerings spread out over its sixteen schools, which are grouped into six faculties: The faculty of Arts and Education; Creative Technologies an Media; Health Sciences; Law and Business; Minerals and Energy; and Sustainability, Environmental and Life Sciences.

Under its Arts and Education faculty are its Schools of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Education, while under its Creative Technologies and Media faculty are its Schools of Media Communication and Culture, and Information Technology.

The Schools of Chiropractic and Sports Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Psychology, and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences comprise its Faculty of Health Science. Most of the university’s graduate offerings are housed at the Murdoch Business School and School of Law, which are both under the Faculty of Law and Business.

At the Faculty of Minerals and Energy are the Schools of Engineering and Energy, and Chemical and Mathematical Sciences; while the Faculty of Sustainability, Environmental and Life Sciences house the schools of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Sustainability.

Other than the usual coursework, the university also has several research opportunities through institutions at the Asia Research Centre. The centre’s research activities focus on the region’s political, economic and social dynamics in terms of globalisation and its impact. It has campuses in Rockingham, Mandurah and South Street. It has two feeder institutions: Murdoch College and the Murdoch Institute of Technology, which were both established by the Murdoch University in cooperation with the Alexander Education Group.

Murdoch University Address

The university’s main campus adrress is located at:
South Street campus,
90 South Street,
Murdoch 6150

Murdoch University Rankings and Quick Facts

A medium sized university catering to around 12,000 students in the city of Perth in Australia.

Murdoch University rankings
University world Ranking – Jiaotong 500 (China)
403 to 510
Asia – Australiasia Rank (Jiaotong)
65 to 100
Murdoch University Facts
Students (Undergraduates / PG/ Total)
Faculty / Staff
Number of foreign students

Other Australian universities with high world ranking include University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia, Macquarie University, and University of Tasmania.


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