Medical experts have researched connecion between Modafinil and ideal memory

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The average time given for sex in an ordinary heterosexual couple is 19 minutes. This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by medical experts from safe canadian pharmacy, which is quoted by The Independent. At the same time, the total time of sexual contact was divided into foreplay, which was 9 minutes, and the sex itself – 10 minutes.

The vice-president of the company noted that the announced time is higher than specified in other studies. In his opinion, buyers of sex toys spend more time on foreplay and sex. It also found that 23% of men believe that the process should be longer. 19% of the women surveyed are in solidarity with them.

The state of overwork and lack of strength severely disrupts the patient’s quality of life and interferes with his regular life activity, and it does not respond to the usual, routine treatment of multiple sclerosis. Therefore, in such conditions, Modafinil is often recommended for sale from

However, 52% of men were satisfied with such indicators. In previous studies regarding the duration of intercourse, “flickered” figures of three to seven minutes.

Also, the British dating system for married people “Illicit Encounters” conducted a survey on the number of sexual partners.

According to the magazine for men, during the survey, experts tried to find out how many sexual partners a man should have throughout his life so that before his death, he felt happy.

Seventy percent of men and 66 percent of women said that fewer than ten partners were evidence of a ridiculously meager experience in intimate life. If the number of connections exceeds 19, it speaks of promiscuity, and simply about selfishness.

In turn, 40% of men and 49% of women surveyed said that the optimal number of lovers is between ten and fourteen. And the ideal number of partners in life – a dozen.

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