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The aim of the University Review site is to provide relevant rankings of the top 600 universities and colleges in the world.

These ranks have been calculated by careful analysis of ranking tables that are available from news sources such as the Times, US news and the Guardian, and more specific sources such as the THE and ARWU.

In addition to the positional ranking lists of the top universities more detailed information is available on each specific institution through clicking on a university name in the tables. This information provided for each university aims to be as useful as possible to the reader and includes addresses and maps from BING, basic facts, logos, and pictures of the institution.

Top 600 University and Colleges Rankings Guide

Presently the college rankings of the worlds top 600 establishments and their addresses are available. These university rankings are based on things such as nobel prizes and achievements made by the faculty, they can therefore be a little misleading, for example a nobel prize winner may have been educated at one university but carried out their research at another university. It is therefore a good idea to visit the associated university page to see how the university ranks in different surveys.

Another problem with the college rankings is that they fail to take into account the small elite universities. For example Brown is a well funded Ivy League university where everybody should be proud to study, yet it is not ranked very highly in many of the available  world university ranking lists. Other Universities to suffer include the University of York and the University of Warwick, both in England. These two universities are very strong on teaching and research, and fight for a top ten place in most of the British university rankings, yet due to not having a multitude of Nobel prize winners, or billion dollar endowments they are not ranked high in the world university rankings list.

Wilson Hall at Brown University

Perhaps the most important aspect when choosing a college or university is the subject that you are studying, for example although a technical university may be ranked very highly if you are considering studying a language you will most likely be better off to study at a liberal arts college even if the university is not as ranked overall as you are much more likely to receive a better tuition at an institution that has strength in your chosen field.

The listing on University review are split into 2 categories

The first university rankings is of the top 600 universities in the world; these can be accessed from the top navigation panel and are broken up into 50 strong sections; they can of course also be accessed through use of the search bar.

The second section of the University Review site, also readily available from the top navigation bar is a break up of these lists into top 100 continent rankings fro Asia and Europe; and individual country rankings for the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

Yasuda Auditorium at the University of Tokyo: Ranked number one university in Asia by University Review

Yasuda Auditorium at the University of Tokyo: Ranked number one university in Asia by University Review

Popular Universities

These are some of the more popular universities that are featured on the pages of the University Review site.

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It is hoped that you find the information provided on the University Review site of great use when you are considering your future college choice.

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Photographs (all under creative commons licence): Brown University picture by Patricia Drury; University of Tokyo by Michael Vito.